Sunday, April 5, 2015

Stats and Goals

Here's the ugly ugly breakdown.

Starting weight = 275 lbs (BMI 40.6)

A BMI over 35 means you're "morbidly obese."  So, I'm not just obese, I'm MORBIDLY OBESE.  That's just frickin' lovely, isn't it.  

Okay, moving on.

That brings me to Goal #1.

Let's drop that word "Morbidly" get into the "Obese" category, shall we?  

GOAL #1 = 235 lbs (BMI 34.7)

Next up, would be the "Overweight" category.  Damn, that overweight category is so far away.  One step at a time.

GOAL #2 = 200 lbs (BMI 29.5)

And finally, the goal would be to be in the "Healthy Weight" category.  Now, who am I kidding ... the healthy weight range is 125 to 165 lbs ... I am picking the top end for my goal, of course.

GOAL #3 = 165 lbs (BMI 24.4)

Then, there is a "dream" goal.  I read somewhere that you should weigh 100 lbs if you are 5 feet tall.  For every inch after that, you should weigh another 5 lbs.  So, at about 5'9" or 5'10", I should weigh about 145 lbs.

DREAM GOAL = 145 lbs (BMI 21.4)

This is gonna take fricking forever.  Why is it so much easier to put on than take off?  

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