Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 2015

I'll cut right to the chase.  I've lost 30 lbs so far.  While that feels like an accomplishment, I'll admit that if feels somewhat disappointing that I'm still "morbidly obese."

And looking at these pictures, I don't even notice much of a difference.

I have some capri pants that pretty much won't stay up because my waist has shrunk.  But my butt, hips and thighs all seem to be relatively the same though.  That tends to be my frame ... smaller waist and large hips and thighs.  Sadly, I think I've lost weight in my boobs too (where I cannot afford to lose even an ounce).  I have been able to wear a few t-shirts more comfortably, where I'm not trying to tug the arms and stretch them out so they are not digging in to my upper arms.  I am nowhere near having to buy new clothes though.

One of the biggest pluses that I will say is that I am feeling better.  I have heard many people say that they can walk for hours at 300+ lbs and it doesn't bother them in the least.  I was 230 lbs for a lot of years and I said that too.  Somewhere along the line, something changed though.  I could no longer say that at 275 lbs.  Walking became painful.  My joints hurt.  My ankles and knees hurt with every step I took.  Standing up for long periods of time was painful.  My lower back hurt too.  As did my hips.  Even laying in bed wasn't comfortable.  I dreaded going places and doing things, because it hurt to do everything.  Just by losing 30 lbs, I feel so much better.  I walked 3 miles today and while I wasn't comfortable, I was far from miserable.  I can't wait to get even more weight off and see how I feel.

I've always had a few problems with my knees and had a couple of surgeries on each of them.  My left knee has been bothering for awhile now.  When I sit "criss cross applesauce," it won't bend all the way.  It feels very tight.  There are often shooting pains behind the knee that shoot up in the back of my leg.  In the last week, it has gotten worse.  If I've been sitting, I have to limp for about 10 or 20 steps after I stand up to get my momentum going.  A couple of folks have suggested I get it checked and get an MRI.  I'm dreading that.  Know what I'm dreading most?  Hearing the doctor tell me that my knee issue is because of all the extra weight I'm carrying on it.  So, here's my plan ... I'm going to keep on working on getting the weight off.  Hopefully that will solve the knee pain in itself.  If not and the pain is still there once I'm in a healthy weight range (or if the pain becomes unbearable), I'll go get it checked.

Just to recap my stats:
February 2015:  275 lbs
March 2015:  269 lbs (-6)
April 2015:  256 lbs (-13) (-19 total)
May 2015:  245 lbs (-11) (-30 total)


  1. 30 pounds is really awesome! Your body will just function so much better without it. It sort of snowballs from here... let the enjoyment and excitement of this loss carry you on to 40, 50 and onward!

  2. My body does function better, you are right. It just feels like I have such a long, long ways to go yet. Sigh. I'm trying to stay motivated.